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By 'Abdullah Yusuf 'Ali

With Revised Translation,
Commentary and Index.

The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an

Available in Three Editions:

1762 pages (6 x 9)
(Deluxe Hard Cover)
ISBN 0-915957-76-0
Price: USA $21.95

1762 pages (6 x 9)
(Soft Cover)
ISBN 0-915957-32-9
Price: USA $14.95
1762 pages (4 x 6)
(Pocket Size)
ISBN 0-915957-77-9
Price: USA $12.50

El Coran Sagrado

By Kamal Mustafa Hallak

The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an

A Spanish translation of the Meaning of the Holy Qur'an by ShaikhKamal Mustafa Hallak. Original Arabic text faces Spanish translation. This is a new Addition in Amana Publications series of translating the Meaning of the Holy Qur'an into European languages.

1265 pages (4 x 7)
ISBN 0-915957-88-4
Price: USA $18.95

Struggling to Surrender

Dr. Jeffrey Lang

A personal account of one man's journey in search for God in the midst of a culture that places minimal value on such a quest.

Struggling to Surrender

Struggling to Surrender: Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam is a very personal account of one man's search for God and meaning in the midst of a culture that places no value on such a quest. Dr. Lang was brought up as a Catholic and educated in a Catholic school. However, one day he found that his religious beliefs could no longer provide satisfactory answers to his questions.

And so his quest began: reason, agnosticism, atheism, and, finally "coincidence" - a chance encounter with a Muslim student in one of his classes that eventually led to his conversion. As he soon found out, however, this was not the end of the matter, for now he had to fit in with his new community, its beliefs and traditions, and the Islamic worldview and lifestyle.

For American Muslims, most of whom come from a Judeo-Christian background and a mental framework that is almost totally alien to that of a traditional Muslim, this is no easy feat. How does one deal with demands for the blind acceptance of hadiths and accepted interpretations, the gulf between what the Qur'an says and the reality of Muslim life, the "status" of women, the presence of religion in every sphere of one's life, cultural conflicts, and many other issues? Ever since his conversion, Dr. Lang has struggled to answer these questions for himself. At the request of numerous Muslim acquaintances, he decided to write about his experiences so that other American and western-educated Muslims could benefit from his insights.

2nd Revised Edition
ISBN 0-915957-26-4
242 pages

Silent No More
confronting america's false images of Islam

By Paul Findley
Member of Congress for 22 Years

Silent No More

In Silent No More Findley shares his personal impressions and experiences in dealing with American Muslims, their communities, and issues and events that figure prominently in their concerns and consciences. He narrates how he, like many Americans, harbored misinformation and stereotypes about Islam and its followers until middle age. An unexpected journey to South Yemen to plead for the release of an imprisoned American, put him unwittingly on the trail of discovery of Islam and the Muslims for the last three decades. He examines the false images of Islam that linger in American minds; the impact of these stereotypes on U.S. national interests, particularly the well being of U.S. Muslims; what is being done to promote accurate understanding of Islam; the adequacy of these measures; and additional activities that are needed. Findley chronicles his long exploratory record of pioneering endeavors by Muslims and other activists who form the vanguard in a worthy, long-neglected cause. Being a keen political observer he documents the entry of American Muslims in mainstream American politics and the impact of their bloc voting in 2000 state and presidential elections.

Among Those Who Challenge Stereotypes

"Pictured on the front cover and on the insert placed inside this book are some of the remarkable American citizens I encountered during my journey through the world of Islam. They represent various vocations. Not all are Muslim, but each challenges in a significant way the stereotypes of Islam. They do so by example, word, or deed.

"They are typical of thousands of people who deserve recognition for advancing interfaith understanding. I wish I could meet-and list them all." Paul Findley

ISBN 1-59008-000-9
320 pages (6x9)
Hard Cover $19.95 (May 2001)

ISBN 1-59008-001-7
320 pages (6x9)
Soft Cover $11.95 (Sep. 2001)

Even Angels Ask

by Dr. Jeffrey Lang

Even Angels Asked

In Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America, the author attempting to share the American convert's experience of discovering Islam. During his fifteen years of being a university professor on college campuses across the United States, he has met many young Americans of Muslim heritage who avoid or even reject Islam, being unable to reconcile their inherited faith with their acquired Western outlook. One of the principle assumptions behind this book is that even though the American culture has alienated these young people from the faith of their parents, they will be able to relate to what other Americans, of non-Muslim origin, have discovered in Islam. Talking with converts, like himself Dr. Lang found a shared common experience that approximates a characteristic path to the faith. This book takes the reader along this path by discussing conflicts between faith and reason, difficulties associated with the decision to convert to Islam, obstructions to conversion erected by Muslims themselves, the indispensable experience of Islamic rituals, extremism within the Muslim community, and what the future may hold for American Muslims.

Dr. Jeffrey Lang is currently an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kansas. He converted to Islam in the early 1980s.

ISBN 0-915-957-67-1
240 pages (6 x 9)

Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West

By Dr. Ekram Beshir and Mohamed Rida Beshir

Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West

This book covers most of the social issues related to parents, husbands, wives, and children. It is beneficial for all members of the family, those starting out on family life and those families which have already developed as a basic unity of society."

Dr. Ekram Beshir is a medical doctor by profession. She was born in Egypt and has been living in Canada sicnce 1975.While rasing her four children, she has developed excellent knowledge of and experience in child psychology. Currently, she is volunteering her time as the director of Rahmah school in Ottawa, Canada, a weekend Arabic and Islamic school. She is very active with the Muslim community in Ottawa in the areas of study circles, children and youth camps, sisters programs, and marriage counseling. She has trveled within North America presenting parenting and stress management to Muslim communities.

Muhamed Beshir is an engineer by profession. He has over 20 years of experience in da'wah work-having held various positions with MSA and ISNA on both the national and local levels, and participated as a speakers in ISNA conventions as well as the English program of MAYA conventions. He may be seen regularly delivering Friday Khutbahs in Ottwa-area mosques and Islamic schools. He is the current vice president of Muslim American Society(MAS) for canada (a society that promotes self-improvement and dedication to Islamic work)and a member of its traning programs to Muslim communities in North and South America in the areas of time management from the Islamic perspective, strategic planning, and tarbiyah. He has traveled all over the world participating in various Islamic workshops and programs.

ISBN 0-915957-87-6
142 pages (6x9)

Reliance of the Traveller -- 'Umdat al-Salik

A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

Reliance of the Traveller

'Umdat al-Salik wa 'Uddat al-Nasik (Reliance of the Traveller and tools of the Worshipper) is a classic manual of fiqh. It represents the fiqh rulings according to the Shafi'I school of jurisprudence. The appendices form an integral part of the book and present original texts and translations from classic works by prominent scholars such as al-Ghazali, Ibn Qudamah, al-Nawawi, al-Qurturbi, al-Dhahabi, Ibn Hajar and other, on topics of Islamic law, faith, spirituality, Qur'anic exegesis and Hadith sciences. It has also biographical notes about every person mentioned (391 biographies) , bibliography of each work cited (136 works), and a detailed subject index (95 pages). Of the 136 works drawn upon in its commentary and appendices, 134 are in the original Arabic. The sections and paragraphs have been numbered to facilitate cross-reference.

"There is no doubt that this translation is a valuable and important work, whether as a textbook for teaching Islamic jurisprudence to English speakers, or as a legal reference for use by scholars, educated laymen, and students in this language."

Dr. Taha Jabir al-'Alwani, International Institute of Islamic Thought
(Herndon, VA; December 1990)

"...We certify that this translation corresponds to the Arabic original and conforms to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni community (Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'a)."

al-Azhar, the Muslim world's most prestigious institution of higher Islamic learning (Cairo; February, 1991)

"This translation is a remarkable piece of work that will prove to be indispensable to the English-speaking Muslims and to any Western student of Islam ..."

Dr. A. Kevin Reinhart, Middle Eastern Studies Association Bulletin (27.2, 1993)

"This is a truly magnificent piece of work that will prove to be indispensable to the English-speaking Muslims and to any Western student of Islam ..."

Dr. Farhat J. Ziadeh, Journal of the American Oriental Society, JAOS (115.1, 1995)

"...We have here in English an authoritative compendium of Muslim Law. All this makes it a valuable resource and reference, which anyone interested in Islam will want to have in his/her library."

Dr. John A. Williams, The Muslim World (85.1-2, 1995)

This is an impressive piece of work...We recommend it to all English-speaking Muslims, and to anyone who is interested in Islamic Law."

Dr. Mokrane Guezzou, Muslim World Books Review, MWBR (15.3, 1995)

ISBN 0-915-957-72-8
1254 pages (6 x 9), Hardback
$ 29.95

Muslim Teens
Today's Worry Tomorrow's Hope
(Language: Arabic & English)

By Dr. Ekram Beshir and Mohamed Rida Beshir

Muslim Teens

Dr. Ekram Beshir is a medical doctor by profession, with a background in child psychology. She helped establish both Rahma School, a weekend Arabic and Islamic school, and Abraar full time Islamic school in Ottawa. She is the recipient of the Director's Citation Award of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for the year 2000. She has been very active with the Muslim community in Ottawa in the areas of study circles, children and youth camps, sisters programs, and marriage counseling. She has traveled extensively to various parts of the world to present parenting workshops. She has also authored other books for teaching Arabic to Muslim children living in Non-Arab speaking countries.

Mohamed Rida Beshir is an engineer by profession, working with Nortel Networks in Ottawa Canada. He has over 25 years of experience in Da'wa work in North America and has held various positions with MSA and ISNA on both national and local levels. Currently, he is a board member of Human Concern International. He is a member of the training and development department of the Muslim American Society (MAS). He is a regular speaker in ISNA, ICNA, MSA and MAYA English programs. He is actively developing and delivering training programs to various Muslim communities in North America as well as in South America in the areas of Time Management from an Islamic perspective, strategic planning, tarbiya programs, etc. He has traveled extensively all over the world, participating in various Islamic workshops and programs.

Dr. Ekram and Mohamed Rida Beshir co-authored Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West, an Islamic Perspective. They are members of the editorial board of The American Muslim magazine and are regular contributors to its parenting section. They have also written articles for Islamic Horizons and The Message magazines.

ISBN 1-59008-004-1
252 pages (6x9)
Paperback $13.95


By Jerald F. Dirks


In The Cross and The Crescent, Dr. Jerald Dirks, a former ordained minister (deacon) in the United Methodist Church and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, reaches out to the Christians and Muslims for an interfaith dialogue. Drawing on his seminary education and thirty years of interaction with Muslims in America and overseas, the author digs deep into the roots of Christianity to bring out obscure information that highlights what was once common between Christianity and Islam. He envisioned that, "In writing this book, I would like to touch the lives of those Christians who have not been given the knowledge that I have gained both about Islam, from my direct contact with Muslims, and about Christianity from my seminary education. I want to share with those Christians who are willing to listen--what is so often known by their clergy and church leaders, but seldom finds its way into their knowledge of their own religion. Likewise, I also would like to reach out to the Muslims, in order to help them understand the religious commonality that they share with Christians".

Dr. Dirks holds B.A. and M. Div. from Harvard University, M.A., and Psy. D. from University of Denver. He has published over sixty articles in the field of clinical psychology and over one hundred and fifty articles on Arabian horses.

ISBN 1-59008-002-5
260 pages (6x9)
Paperback $13.95

Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture and Destruction of Planet Earth

By Grace Halsell

Forcing God's Hand

The book explores the danger posed by Christian fundamentalism - a doctrine that is sweeping America. Leaders of the doctrine proclaim that God wants - even demands - that Planet Earth be destroyed in our generation. Adherents to this doctrine are said to constitute the fastest growing movement in Christianity today.

Fundamentalist Evangelicals believe there will be catastrophic events on earth, some occurring already, including the turmoil in the Middle East, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon in which Christ will triumph and begin ruling the earth. At this point, they believe, non-believers will be destroyed, good Christians saved and any remaining Jews converted to Christianity. By praying for their Rapture and the End of Time, might they Force the Hand of God -- to bring it about?

The book also includes CBS 60 Minutes program, "Zion's Christian Soldiers" and an interview with Jerry Falwell.

Grace Halsell (1923-2000) served President Lyndon Johnson as his speech writer for three years. She covered both Korea and Vietnam as a journalist and wrote for newspapers in the U.S., South America, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and the Middle East. She wrote fourteen books among them the well-received Soul Sister, Prophecy and Politics: Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War, Journey to Jerusalem and The Illegals.


ISBN 1-59008-015-7
176 pages (6x9)
Paperback $14.95